Andreas Moritz, king whiner

While Andreas Moritz (Hi, Andy!) is best known for telling people things which will kill them, he has also made himself into quite a whiner. He whined to get this site shut down for six days (until common sense prevailed). He then whined to get an anti-him Facebook fan page taken down. Then a group was created that was actually pretty innocent (“I bet this group can get more members than Andreas Moritz’s fan page” or something similar). Fearing he would not long be able to swindle innocent victims, he whined and got that shut down. Since Facebook is virtually impossible to contact within any degree of reason, it probably isn’t worth it to double-whine. Instead, there is a new group.

I hate cancer quacks.

I wonder if Moritz will try to get this one shut down? As a top cancer quack, he does have standing.

One Response

  1. This struck me as ironic. Isn’t your entire blog, after all, centered around whining?

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