I hate Roger Goodell

The No Fun League is a pretty terribly run organization. It’s certainly an excellent business, but it’s pretty crap as far as quality sporting goes. From the tinker bell Roughing the Passer rule to the 6 required flags per play, the games are sometimes difficult to watch. I still enjoy football, but the rules don’t make it easy.

The worst rule, perhaps, is for OT. The team that wins the coin toss gets to win the game. Not literally, but it may as well be that way. It’s sudden death, so it’s a matter of moving down the field to within 45 yards of a field goal and then making that. Often, teams get much closer. If they make it, the game is over. It’s inane. I mean, hell, a game of beer pong even allows for rebuttal (depending on house rules; check with your local party animal for details).

What the NFL needs to do is play a full 15 minutes in OT. They won’t be that sensible, but a new rule has been proposed.

The competition committee recommended Monday to the 32 owners that a team losing the coin toss and then surrendering a field goal on the first possession should have a series of its own in OT. Such a rules change would need 24 votes for ratification.

This is still fundamentally unfair. The first team to get the ball still has a huge advantage because if it scores a touchdown, the other team has no offensive reply. This is effectively half a football game: one offense, one defense. Goodell et al are making progress, but they’re being jackasses about it. Just play a full 15.

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  1. I think the best rule is to make it a win once a team has at least 8 or more points than the opponent. That way, they can close it out in one shot if they get a TD with 2pt, but the game does not end with a simple 3 or 7 pt. spread. Would make for a lot of good games.

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