Ironic quote of the day

From Rick C on my Andreas Moritz post.

I bet you could count your friend on less than half of one hand, and when it comes to pleasantry you have less than 1000th of a brain. Back Off with your foul abuse

Is is possible to count a single friend on more than “half of one hand”? And what constitutes precisely half of a hand? Does Rick C have half of a finger? Does he not use fingers for counting? How does one measure pleasantry in terms of the brain? Does it go by mass or volume?

And there it is

Suzanne Franks has officially declared herself right by banning me from her blog. For someone as educated as she is, it’s surprising that she doesn’t realize it is unreasonable to say “Here’s why you’re wrong…hey! why are you responding?!?”

But then, she’s the sort of person who gets offended when others won’t play her Internet fantasy games by calling her “Zuska”.