And there it is

Suzanne Franks has officially declared herself right by banning me from her blog. For someone as educated as she is, it’s surprising that she doesn’t realize it is unreasonable to say “Here’s why you’re wrong…hey! why are you responding?!?”

But then, she’s the sort of person who gets offended when others won’t play her Internet fantasy games by calling her “Zuska”.


2 Responses

  1. Give it up. The woman is pathetic, and pretty much everything she’s written just “waah waah, men are evil” repeated ad infinitum.

    I know tons of men like her, who hate women because the women don’t find them attractive. She’s probably the first woman like that I’ve encountered, but as you’ve pointed out, she does look like a very ugly man. Yeah, sorry, wouldn’t bring that up if it wasn’t relevant.

    Forget her and write about something more interesting.

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