All about Maloney and Moritz

The tremendous outpouring of support has been a tad overwhelming to say the least. I literally spent 4 straight hours reading posts after work yesterday, took a shower, then spent another several hours reading more. It seems like today there’s an even larger supply of material to read.

Given just how much is out there, I am going to do my best to list out all the links here. It isn’t possible for me to find them all, so any additions are welcome in the comment section. I’ll do my best to update this post accordingly.

PZ Myers:

Christopher Maloney is a quack.

Christopher Maloney: Still a quack

Do not harass the quacks!

Andreas Moritz is a cancer quack

Why quacks ought to lie low


Andreas Moritz and trying to shut down valid scientific criticism: A sine qua non of a quack

Andreas Moritz is a cancer quack

Steven Novella:

Naturopaths Can Silence Critics Too

I Speak of Dreams:

Repeating PZ Myers: Christopher Maloney Is A Quack (and cowardly, and WordPress is craven) But Andreas Moritz is Worse: A Dangerous Cancer Quack


Search for Christopher Maloney

Search for Andreas Moritz

Search for Michael Hawkins

Search for More legal threats from quacks. PZ Myers on Andreas Moritz. RT to help Michael Hawkins

(Might I recommend using “naturopathy” as a tag?)

Random Thoughts:

Andreas Moritz is a Quack

Not a Potted Plant:

Christopher Maloney is a Cowardly Quack (UPDATED)


iarnuocon: Christopher Maloney is a quack

A Hot Cup of Joe:

Christopher Maloney is a Quack

Jthewonderllama’s Totally Amazing Blog:

Christopher Maloney is a quack.

All Rocks go to Heaven:

Dear WordPress: You Suck


When you got nothing, sue

Evening Person:

Blogger’s site taken down by quacks

The Digital Cuttlefish:

He’s a Maine-i-quack!

4 Responses

  1. […] Moritz recently got WordPress to pull Michael Hawkin’s blog because his post on Moritz’s quackery has good google ranking. And WordPress was wimpy enough to succumb to this bullying. Well then, lets see how many law suits […]

  2. We have already an article about that man and his strange claims:

    and an englisch translation will follow on our english pages.

  3. Thanks for the shout-out. Glad you are back on the internets.

  4. […] a collection of articles from Mike Hawkins’ current […]

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