A HUGE thank you to PZ

I thought the big story of the day for me was the fact that my main blog, For the Sake of Science, was inappropriately shut down. As it turns out, there’s even bigger (and far better) news.

There’s another way you can tell [Christopher Maloney’s] a quack. When a student, Michael Hawkins, dared to criticize him, pointing out that “Naturopathic medicine is pure bull” and stating that naturopaths are underqualified and do not deserve the title of “doctor,” Maloney took action to silence him. After all, we can’t have people questioning quacks — that just makes them look even more ridiculous, which could lead to a loss of business.

So Maloney complained to WordPress, where Hawkins blog was located, and got them to shut it down. This does not speak well of craven WordPress; if you’re using WordPress hosting, you might want to reconsider it and move elsewhere. You know, to someplace that respects reality.

Now, given what has transpired so far with WordPress, I’m unfortunately timid. Believe me, once this blog moves to a more suitable location, words of loathing will fly. But until then, I feel horribly restricted. Therefore, it is probably necessary to point out that I am quoting someone. I did not just say those things about Christopher Maloney.

But really. This pinch on my free speech cannot stand for much longer.

FTSOS Fiasco

WordPress has suspended Without Apology’s sister blog, For the Sake of Science (FTSOS). The reason, apparently, is that they asked me to edit content, which I did, but apparently I didn’t do it to their liking. I have imported all the content here for now (as well as plainly on my desktop because, God damn it, that was a scare to potentially lose so many months of work) and I have put all questioned posts (which are about naturopathy) under private until the issue is resolved. In all likelihood I will be taking my blog and its 100,000 hits elsewhere very shortly.

For the Sake of Science

For the Sake of Science has been temporarily suspended. I will have a new site up and running shortly, hopefully with all the old content available. Meanwhile, I am attempting to get WordPress to correct their mistake.

Thought of the day

With all these stupid Facebook pages, I want to know who is everyone betting?