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I make a good hub-bub on the Internet from time to time.

Calling all writers

One of the things I told Christopher Maloney was that because of his actions, he made himself the cover story to the paper I put out around campus (and he lives in my area). As it turned out, Andreas Moritz was the quack who got my blog suspended. But that doesn’t matter. Christopher Maloney, despite what he keeps saying, played a critical role in working and helping Moritz. Besides that, woo is woo. Even if Maloney never made a public statement, he still deserves to be exposed: He peddles unproven treatments at the expense of real science and real medicine.

But it isn’t easy doing it all on my own. I occasionally do have a contributed article or two, but I write most of the material (plus formatting and all that annoying jazz). But I’ve realized…I currently have the leftovers of the PZ horde (of which he is high priest, haven’t you heard). Surely there are plenty of excellent writers out there. In fact, in reading all the blog posts supporting my plight and fighting against quackery, I know there are plenty of excellent writers out there.

I won’t pay you (because it costs me money to produce everything in the first place), but I can mail you a copy of the paper once it comes out. And don’t think you need to limit yourself. I’ve got the Maloney topics covered, but other articles on naturopathy, homeopathy, alternative medicine in general, and even on seemingly random topics are welcome (though if you want to do random, discuss it with me first). Articles should only be about 650 words in length.

Anyone who wants to contribute should send me an email at

Oh, and Andreas Moritz is still a stupid, dangerous man.

Andreas Moritz blogs

But it’s strange how he doesn’t seem to be supporting the woo so much…

I, however, am not a quack

Reason and rationality have prevailed and I am back in business. For those out there who have no idea what’s going on, read the past several days at Without Apology.

Update: I’ve since uploaded all posts here as well.

Thank You

For the Sake of Science is back up and running. It only took a half dozen emails from me, directly contacting the big honcho, and the Internet going nutso, but I’m back in business.

May the Streisand Effect be with you all.

Email Matt Mullenweg

Matt Mullenweg is the head honcho for WordPress. He wrote this in 2007.

There’s been quite a discussion going on in my personal blog about the fact that all of has been blocked by Turkey.

Lots of people, including us, are confused and indignant about this wholesale censorship. Last night we received a letter from the person claiming to be responsible for the block, which in the interest of the community I’m going to publish in its entirety here:

In an updated post, he wrote this.

As far as I know, we never received any notice from Turkish courts about anything, only barely coherent threats and bully-attempts written much like the above.

Barely coherent? Sounds like Andreas Moritz.

There’s no way Mullenweg can’t see the irony in all this. My blog gets censored and he’s a-okay with it all. Yet when he is censored, there’s outrage. Just outrage! How dare someone make incoherent, baseless legal threats to get something censored!

Email Mullenweg. Leave messages on his Facebook fan page. Make sure this guy knows what happened. Let him know two quacks lied to his organization to get someone unfairly censored.

If Homeopathy Beats Science

The lies of Maloney

Christopher Maloney has been going around the Internet trying to defend himself, often at hostile sites (i.e., places where science is discussed and woo is not tolerated). He is generally getting thrashed wherever his ugly little head of woo pops up. While that’s been entertaining, there are still places where he isn’t always challenged, often due to low traffic or people just being tired of his antics. One of the points I’ve only seen challenged once (and I forget where) is this one:

Please check the PZ Myer website for complete information. For those who haven’t caught up, PZ Myers has already rescinded his previous posting about me.

Of course, this isn’t really true, and what part of it is true isn’t true in the way Maloney wants people to think. Specifically, he’s referring to this post. PZ points out Maloney’s claim that he never contacted WordPress directly. That’s probably true. But what isn’t true is that Maloney is innocent in the whole affair. As PZ says,

Note the comment from Mark at WordPress, “We were sent”. Someone targeted Hawkins, and sent a demand to WordPress to shut him down. This is someone in communication with Maloney, because Maloney just sent me this email:

The email in question can be seen at the above link. It shows that Maloney was in contact with Andreas Moritz and knew what was going on. His responsibility is not lifted simply because he doesn’t show the same quacking initiative as Moritz to actually send an email.

But more important here is the fact that Maloney is going around saying PZ simply rescinded his post. In this instance he said it in response to a YouTube video of him quacking. (Did Moritz send YouTube a letter threatening a lawsuit for him?) It’s obvious he wants people to think PZ does not believe him to be a quack or that PZ’s opinion of him is somehow not horribly negative; he wants to give the impression that he made an intelligent person run off, tail between his legs. Of course, that isn’t the case. Everyone, especially PZ, knows Maloney is still a quack. What’s more, everyone is able to see that Maloney has always been involved. His hands are not clean, he is a quack, and best of all, he has made things far worse for himself because any Internet search of his name will inevitably turn up results for his quackery.