Andreas Moritz blogs

But it’s strange how he doesn’t seem to be supporting the woo so much…

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  1. Woah! I feel all weird. Isn’t he the one that admitted to Orac and PZ that he got your blog pulled? Isn’t he the one that has some really weird alternative ideas about cancer? Is this for real?

  2. Why do South Carolina regulators turn a blind eye to Moritz’s illegal practice of medicine?

  3. BTW, if Moritz complains to WordPress about this one, I would say that he’s within his rights. I’m glad some critic or other has grabbed the name to let us know what people have been saying about a man who sells woo and engages in the illegal practice of medicine, but it is his name. Good luck to whoever keeping it going.

  4. I don’t understand this post. When I click on that link it takes me to a site named Andreas Moritz blog. That title makes one think it’s a blog by Andreas Moritz. But it’s another blog by you? I don’t care how much of a quack this guy is (and I agree he is a BIG one), I don’t think it’s a good tactic and only leads to confusion among people who happen upon it. Isn’t the very thing that Moritz promotes “confusion”? The good guys should not. At a minimum you should make it crystal clear on that blog who you are and that it’s a blog about him, by one of his detractors.

  5. That site is not my creation.

  6. Michael, I didn’t think that was your’s either, but I was also confused when that site showed up in my browser.

    Mebbe a denial in ALLCAPS is required. And a magic rock enema. But I’m not a doctor so who knows?

  7. Yes, this post should make crystal clear it is linking to blog that someone *else* evidently put up. It’s pretty easy to jump to the conclusion that is another site that Michael put up to fight the QUACK when his site was shut down because of the QUACK. I still think whoever ever put the blog up is behaving improperly by clearly purposely trying to confuse people that might land on it.

  8. …and or trying to piss off the quack. Wrong either way.

  9. […] Hawkins got it right posting the topic he wrote about this blog with the tag “humor” written under it. I saw that some of his commenters were confused or didn’t see the humor of it all. So for all […]

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