If you have to ask…

…then the answer is “Yes!”

Want the original posts?

I currently have all posts about Christopher Maloney set to private. Who knows if WordPress will suspend me over nothing again?

Of course, that doesn’t stop me from linking to all those posts elsewhere.

One thing to keep in mind (and the reason I haven’t embraced that as the final resting place of my blogging) is that the quote function isn’t too hot there. Indents

like this

don’t show up in such a way. Apologies for the confusing appearance over there.

Moritz really likes the attention!

So I guess keep giving him more, right? Here’s the email he sent me after I asked him if he was seriously unaware of the Streisand Effect.

Oh, I am actually very grateful to you for spreading the word and creating a free publicity campaign for me. A lot of people who would never have heard about me, may now wonder and start to investigate. Eventually, they may want to know for themselves what this is about and buy some books of mine. I couldn’t have asked for a more effective advertising campaign. In fact, my stat counter shows that I had a 563% increase in genuine visitors yesterday and as of this early morning it is already double the number. So if it continues out be a huge success I may send you a check. I don’t mind the dozen swear emails, when my business is booming, thanks to your awareness campaign. I never had such a spike of interest in my work. Thanks again, you turned out to be a great blessing. And please, keep it going.

You hear that? He’s got all sorts of new visitors. Business must be booming. There’s no way nearly all of these new visitors could actually be people who despise everything he does. Right?

Oh, and the first result on Google right now is Orac’s post.

All about Maloney and Moritz

The tremendous outpouring of support has been a tad overwhelming to say the least. I literally spent 4 straight hours reading posts after work yesterday, took a shower, then spent another several hours reading more. It seems like today there’s an even larger supply of material to read.

Given just how much is out there, I am going to do my best to list out all the links here. It isn’t possible for me to find them all, so any additions are welcome in the comment section. I’ll do my best to update this post accordingly.

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Christopher Maloney is a quack.

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Andreas Moritz is a cancer quack

Steven Novella:

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(Might I recommend using “naturopathy” as a tag?)

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