Hiking Jordan Cliffs Trail

…is, frankly, frightening. At least there were parts that were just super-sketchy.

The trail, in Acadia National Park, looks right over Jordan Pond and the ocean once it gets up to the actual cliffs. From the pictures I was able to find, it looked like a pretty good trail: strenuous for the average day hiker, but probably relatively easy for myself and the people who went with me. Of course, winter hiking is entirely different from summer hiking.

Most of the trail could have been done more efficiently with snowshoes, but it wasn’t ridiculous until crampons were needed. Of course, only two of the three of us on this trip actually had crampons (another had some other shoe-things to help from slipping, but they weren’t designed for hiking – and they didn’t even fit over his boots, anyway). And, out of laziness and constant underestimation, I didn’t even bother putting mine on. I had some regrets once I reached the part of the trail with sharply angled rock and ice that dropped off directly down a couple hundred feet. Fortunately, I wasn’t blazing the trail (the other person without crampons took that initiative), so I had some places to put my feet after him. Regardless, it was one of the most dangerous trails I’ve crossed to date.

Since I was making sure I wouldn’t fall to a horrible death, I have no pictures of that part of the trail. But I think it’s possible to get a good idea of what it was like from these pictures.

Update: I didn’t get any pictures of that sketchy part of the trail, but my friend did.