Whoa, whoa, whoa. Hang on, Pat.

I thought God was mad at New Orleans for their sins? But how did they win the Super Bowl? And then Drew Brees said “God is great”?! B-but this must mean Pat Robertson was wrong! Noooooooo!!!!

Astrology is bunk

We are connected. Not in the trivial ways that the pseudoscience of astrology promises, but in the deepest ways.

Not understanding simple things

“Mark” from WordPress has already demonstrated that he doesn’t really get what constitutes libel. I was forced to change the wording of a post where I said Christopher Maloney is not a doctor. By reading the sort of stuff I’m getting from WordPress, one would think the sentence previous to this one was libel. Here’s the new email.

“I pointed out that Maine gives naturopaths like Maloney the rights of doctors. That doesn’t mean I have to say he actually is one.”

But you cannot say he is not one.

If he is a doctor you cannot say or infer he is not.


(The quote is from my email.)

Of course I can say or infer that Maloney is not a doctor. He has no legal (or moral) right to not be called a faux doctor or whatever else I please. What Mark has done is conflate insults (or accuracy, in my opinion) with libel.

All that has to be required of me in order to avoid libel is that I note that Maloney is considered a doctor under Maine’s law. I am entirely free to say Maine law is wrong and that according to the standards of the medical community at large, naturopaths are not doctors.

Christopher Maloney and all other naturopaths are only doctors by the low standards of Maine law. By reasonable standards (i.e., the opinions of the majority of the medical community), they all fail the test. I mean, come on. The guy went to a school which teaches Chinese Medical Astrology. That’s ridiculous.