Calling all writers

One of the things I told Christopher Maloney was that because of his actions, he made himself the cover story to the paper I put out around campus (and he lives in my area). As it turned out, Andreas Moritz was the quack who got my blog suspended. But that doesn’t matter. Christopher Maloney, despite what he keeps saying, played a critical role in working and helping Moritz. Besides that, woo is woo. Even if Maloney never made a public statement, he still deserves to be exposed: He peddles unproven treatments at the expense of real science and real medicine.

But it isn’t easy doing it all on my own. I occasionally do have a contributed article or two, but I write most of the material (plus formatting and all that annoying jazz). But I’ve realized…I currently have the leftovers of the PZ horde (of which he is high priest, haven’t you heard). Surely there are plenty of excellent writers out there. In fact, in reading all the blog posts supporting my plight and fighting against quackery, I know there are plenty of excellent writers out there.

I won’t pay you (because it costs me money to produce everything in the first place), but I can mail you a copy of the paper once it comes out. And don’t think you need to limit yourself. I’ve got the Maloney topics covered, but other articles on naturopathy, homeopathy, alternative medicine in general, and even on seemingly random topics are welcome (though if you want to do random, discuss it with me first). Articles should only be about 650 words in length.

Anyone who wants to contribute should send me an email at

Oh, and Andreas Moritz is still a stupid, dangerous man.

11 Responses

  1. Psst, it’s “horde,” not “hoard.”

    And welcome back.

    Glen D

  2. Yes, yes. God damn it.

    All the more reason I need righters, write?

  3. Welcome back!

  4. Andreas Moritz is an evil sack of shit.

  5. Good to see! I am still waiting for a reply from WordPress, but it looks like I can leave my blog there in good conscience. I can also finally read the original blog and find out what horrors you perpetrated on this poor innocent cancer quack.

  6. But, but, but, Moritz is kind and polite and wishes everybody to be well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Does it matter that he is wrong and harms people, keeping them ignorant and helpless in terms of their recovering and maintaining their health? He is nice!

    I remember some science-based medical doctor (can’t recall his name) commending many alternative practitioners for their kindness and good nature and inviting them to become qualified to practice science-based medicine. That mix, of being kind and caring plus being truly qualified, is the kind of medical doctor that is valuable and worthy of admiration, not Moritz types.

  7. So twue.


  8. If Andreas Moritz were forced into a rocket and shot into the Sun, would anyone not want to use his obituary as toilet paper?

  9. If Andreas Moritz were forced into a rocket and shot into the Sun, would anyone not want to use his obituary as toilet paper?

    Is this a trick question?

  10. Heard your story. I spread the word about WordPress and those two scumbags Moritz and Maloney in Polish language. The message about WordPress’ behaviour and how easy they can be convinced to close someones blog was widely distributed.

  11. Here’s a possible writer for you, Zoe Brain. She writes on matters transexual; plus rocket science and brains. I think she’d be a good person to publish in your rag.

    Plus, she’s a PHD candidate.

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