Quack quack quack

Two things. First, my middle names are always awesome. Second, I can’t forget to link back to ol’ Andreas.

Update: Oh, no! Andy de-fanned me and blocked me from leaving more comments! This is almost as heartbreaking as when John Lott de-friended me on Facebook.

5 Responses

  1. Is he 5 years old? LOL

  2. Notice that all the comments are sanitized.

  3. …for his protection.

    And his advice to the weightlifter/exerciser is just as useful as one of those toilet strips.

  4. I couldn’t believe that shit. It’s like he wants everything that is true to not be true.

  5. Maybe he now believes the BS he’s been vomiting for so long so that whatever he thinks, it becomes fact just because his brilliant mind thought it up.

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