Email WordPress!

There’s no way to tell if my emails are getting through to WordPress. They may be going to one guy who is just deleting them for all I know. (I’ve sent several with no response.) But you can help. Yes, you! Email WordPress and let them know the ruckus they’ve caused – and why they’re wrong.

UPDATE: The link doesn’t want to work properly. Send the email here –

3 Responses

  1. You folks are disappointing. Legitimate science involves criticism of unscientific endeavors. Andreas Moritz is peddling unscientific positions, so when someone calls him on it, he resorts to taking efforts to silence the criticism, rather than addressing it.

    You folks should be ashamed that not only did you not support this expose, you instead shut the voice of science in this case, down.

  2. I have a blog on wordpress, and I wrote to them yesterday. I am still waiting for an answer. I am watching this closely.

  3. I sent an email as well.

    I have a post regarding the issue for my blog but to be honest, I’m now worried wordpress will take down my writing if I post it.

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