PZ is wrong again

It was advertised earlier this week that South Park was going to feature an image of Mohammed. They, of course, never did because they prefer to entice their audience with lies, but I don’t think anyone familiar with the show really thought it was going to happen anyway. But it seems that PZ Myers might only be somewhat familiar with the series and so thought it would happen.

Are you ready for civilization to end? I guess the television show South Park is going to show a cartoon rendition of Mohammed tonight. I think the show has been steadily declining in quality, but I’ll tune it in one more time just to support the public desecration of the sacred.

Have they ever done a show where they lampoon juvenile libertarianism? I’d also tune in for that, but that probably hits a little too close to home for the creators.

Does anyone else see the glaring problem here? Does anyone recognize just how little sense this makes?! PZ called the vague ideology of the South Park creators “juvenile libertarianism”. That is completely inaccurate. Come on. Everyone knows libertarianism is infantile at best.

And even then, that’s being redundant.

4 Responses

  1. It depends on the infinks age. Up to age 3, children usually are very sharing. Thus, you can’t be a libertarian until you’re at least 4 years old.

  2. You are absolutely correct – libertarianism can be described by their attitude – “Me, me, me, more for me and fuck you and yours” This is the usual methodology of a two year old.

  3. Hahahahahhahahahhahahahaha!!! Yes.

  4. Libertarianism isn’t infantile! It’s a bunch of spoiled brats yelling “MINE!” over and over again while… wait…

    Well, all right, infantile then.

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