The quack that wouldn’t die

All the hub-bub with king quack Andreas Moritz (hi, Andy!) keeps causing link after link back to my posts. One of the most recent ones is worth a read.

Moritz also claims that every cell and organ in the body has its own aura and that the trillions of little auras comprise a big aura for each body. The body’s aura “goes beyond physical parameters, yet it influences physical life more than anything else.” How he knows any of these things is anybody’s guess, but it sounds like he graduated from the school of MSU (making stuff up).

Our aura also affects the atmosphere of the Earth with specific encodements [?], both positive and negative. Thus, negative thoughts and beliefs, emotional trauma, and other experiential episodes get caught up in the ionosphere of the Earth, possibly triggering major global disturbances that affect the population, wildlife, and climate of the planet as a whole.

No wonder climate science is so difficult. It has to take into account the effect of gazillions of cells on the ionosphere! Moritz has the answer, however: he has six ener-chi paintings “designed to heal the Earth and her environment.”

No way! Moritz is only making shit up so he can sell his crap to gullible people? Crazy.

How to garner my respect

Just before the last primary run-up for president, Giuliani said he was cheering for the 2007 Red Sox because he cheers for the American League in lieu of specifically cheering for the Assholes. That’s a load of shit. I don’t care what the circumstance is. Ever. Red Sox and Assholes fans are only to cheer for their own team and whichever team is facing their rival. That’s it. No waffling.

That’s why Obama impressed me so much recently. Even though he pulled a similar cheer-for-the-team-of-the-current-campaign-town crap with the Rays and Phillies in ’08, he’s been consistent with his home team, the White Sox. I’ve even heard him disparage the Cubs as “not real baseball”. I don’t hate the Cubs or anything, but I love the comment, the commitment. But what’s even better is this.

After jogging out to the mound before the Nats-Phillies game with his head uncovered, Obama toed the rubber, pulled his familiar Sox cap from his glove and tugged it tight over his head. The crowd sounded momentarily conflicted over the president’s pledge of allegiance, but still cheered once Obama went into his windup.

And since I’ll probably never again have a time when this is relevant, here’s where I sat for a White Sox/Red Sox game in ’08. (The White Sox, unfortunately, won, 5-3.)

More church attacks on atheism

The Catholic church has been trying to blame atheism for its sordid state as of late. No, it couldn’t be the molestation of children or the sickening excuses by people like Bill Donahue.

“You’ve got to get your facts straight,” Donohue said, addressing sex abuse victim Thomas Roberts. “I’m sorry. If I’m the only one that’s going to deal with facts tonight then that’ll be it. The vast majority of the victims are post-pubescent. That’s not pedophilia, buddy. That’s homosexuality.”

This is one of those times where what’s being said is just so below grade, so convoluted that it doesn’t only deserve no respect, but it deserves no real response.

And it couldn’t be the pope referring to charges of child rape as “petty gossip“. I mean, it’s just massive cover ups that caused foreseeable harm to thousands of children around the world is all.

No, no. It’s all that damned secularization.

In recent decades, however, the Church in [Ireland] has had to confront new and serious challenges to the faith arising from the rapid transformation and secularization of Irish society.

Not good enough for you? Where’s the dirty A-word? We know what he means, but he isn’t saying it! How about this?

“As we can see by the sheer passion and virulence of the atheist – they seem to hate the Christian God – we are not dealing here with cool philosophy up against faith without a brain,” Dr [Sydney Anglican Archbishop Peter] Jensen told worshippers.

This is another way to demand undue respect. You aren’t being nice enough to us!. As if they deserve niceness for being so hostile towards science and reason. They ought not expect “cool philosophy” when all they have to bring to the table is tortured apologetics for an evil book and an evil institution.

“Atheism is every bit of a religious commitment as Christianity itself.

“It represents the latest version of the human assault on God, born out of resentment that we do not in fact rule the world and that God calls on us to submit our lives to him.

“It is a form of idolatry in which we worship ourselves.”

What I really want to know is when are atheists going to stop beating their wives?

That whole distracting argument is irrelevant. Atheists don’t believe in God, thus anything someone thinks God declared at one point doesn’t really breed resentment. It can’t. What does, however, breed resentment is people actually trying to argue this irrelevant bull instead of addressing the issue of child rape.

The guy goes on to trot out all the normal canards used against atheists: Stalin, Pot, Hitler, and now apparently abortion. Blah blah blah. He doesn’t get it, nor can he make a coherent argument. For example,

Dr Jensen went on to say in his sermon that religion can be an “even more dangerous” form of idolatry than atheism if incorrectly interpreted.

“Here, too, religion can simply be the power game under a different guise … Atheist or religious person – we all need to be reconciled to God and give him our lives,” he added.

Isn’t that fun. Shortly after saying atheism is a religious commitment, he actually contrasts atheism and religion – and atheists and religious people – effectively cordoning them off as separate notions. He’s right to do that, of course. It’d just be nice if he had any idea why that is so.

Good news