The quack that wouldn’t die

All the hub-bub with king quack Andreas Moritz (hi, Andy!) keeps causing link after link back to my posts. One of the most recent ones is worth a read.

Moritz also claims that every cell and organ in the body has its own aura and that the trillions of little auras comprise a big aura for each body. The body’s aura “goes beyond physical parameters, yet it influences physical life more than anything else.” How he knows any of these things is anybody’s guess, but it sounds like he graduated from the school of MSU (making stuff up).

Our aura also affects the atmosphere of the Earth with specific encodements [?], both positive and negative. Thus, negative thoughts and beliefs, emotional trauma, and other experiential episodes get caught up in the ionosphere of the Earth, possibly triggering major global disturbances that affect the population, wildlife, and climate of the planet as a whole.

No wonder climate science is so difficult. It has to take into account the effect of gazillions of cells on the ionosphere! Moritz has the answer, however: he has six ener-chi paintings “designed to heal the Earth and her environment.”

No way! Moritz is only making shit up so he can sell his crap to gullible people? Crazy.