As good as it gets

I have no real horse in the MLB playoff race* since the Red Sox aren’t involved, but it does give me great joy that not only have the Rays lost, but now the Yankees are out of the picture. And at their joke of a stadium to boot. This is as good as it gets at this point.

*I would normally default to the American league once things got to the World Series (unless the Yankees were the AL representatives, of course), but given that my roommate is from St. Louis, I suppose that’s enough of a reason to support the Cardinals. (But my money is on the Phillies.)

Fat cop can’t run, uses taser

An overweight cop that couldn’t run down a teenager who was lightly jogging used his taser to subdue the kid at a Phillies game. See the video here.

The police commissioner is supporting the action.

“It was inappropriate for him to be out there on the field,” the commissioner told KYW Radio. “Unless I read something to the contrary, that officer acted appropriately. I support him 100 percent.”

Who said it was appropriate for the kid to be out there? Hundreds of fans do this every year at baseball games, they eventually either stop running or get tackled, and then get charged with minor ‘crimes’. I’m not sure who is arguing against that consequence. The point, instead, is that tasers haven’t been necessary in all those instances, so why now? My best guess is that this cop is lazy, doesn’t exercise, and was bitter at the fact that a younger, healthier person was easily destroying his fastest running pace with a mere light jog. If he isn’t mature enough to let people who are in shape do the job he is incapable of properly handling, then he needs to be given a paper pushing gig in an office somewhere. It’s silly to take out his anger over being fat on a 17 year old doing what 17 year olds will do. (And come on, the kid was wearing Phillies gear at that. Have some hometown pride.)

But my favorite part is the bad justification being thrown around (sorry for the multiple links; different stories have different points I want to address/make).

“From the preliminary look at it, it appears that the officer was within the policy,” said Vanore, adding that he did not know what may have transpired before the video started. “He was attempting to make an arrest and the male was attempting to flee.”

To where, exactly, was he attempting to flee? Third base? Where was he going to go?

Fortunately, the Phillies aren’t so sure about what this fat cop did.

Phillies spokeswomen Bonnie Clark said the police department is investigating the matter and discussing with the team whether using the stun gun was appropriate.

Police spokesman Lt. Frank Vanore told The Philadelphia Inquirer police internal affairs will open an investigation to determine if the firing “was proper use of the equipment.”

Given the apparent internal investigation, it’s worth noting how unprofessional it was of Police Commissioner Charles H. Ramsey to comment on the story with his “100 percent” support.

Here is a YouTube video that probably won’t stay up very long.

Also, despite Philly fans being almost as bad as New York fans, it was nice that they booed the obese officer.

How to garner my respect

Just before the last primary run-up for president, Giuliani said he was cheering for the 2007 Red Sox because he cheers for the American League in lieu of specifically cheering for the Assholes. That’s a load of shit. I don’t care what the circumstance is. Ever. Red Sox and Assholes fans are only to cheer for their own team and whichever team is facing their rival. That’s it. No waffling.

That’s why Obama impressed me so much recently. Even though he pulled a similar cheer-for-the-team-of-the-current-campaign-town crap with the Rays and Phillies in ’08, he’s been consistent with his home team, the White Sox. I’ve even heard him disparage the Cubs as “not real baseball”. I don’t hate the Cubs or anything, but I love the comment, the commitment. But what’s even better is this.

After jogging out to the mound before the Nats-Phillies game with his head uncovered, Obama toed the rubber, pulled his familiar Sox cap from his glove and tugged it tight over his head. The crowd sounded momentarily conflicted over the president’s pledge of allegiance, but still cheered once Obama went into his windup.

And since I’ll probably never again have a time when this is relevant, here’s where I sat for a White Sox/Red Sox game in ’08. (The White Sox, unfortunately, won, 5-3.)