Jack Hudson is a moron, part 2

After rambling on with a number of lies and a little incoherency, one might imagine Jack Hudson couldn’t get worse. Don’t worry. There’s always art.

(Not only is Religion not Dangerous) But it appears to have given us art.

Please excuse the randomly capitalized words. Inside the parentheses is the title of the post (despite “only” being written inappropriately).

Jack is attempting to make a correlation and call it a causation here, nothing more. But let’s continue.

But we already knew that didn’t? After all, the vast majority of art, music, writing, and much architecture in human history appear to be motivated by some sort of spiritual beliefs.

Lol? Yes, lol.

1) “Spiritual beliefs” do not equal religious beliefs.
2) That something can be motivated by a type of belief is not evidence that that something originated in a type of belief. In other words, just because there is religious art, music, writing, and architecture does not mean that religion is somehow the creator of these things. Indeed, all of these things are actually what help to create religion. They are means of communication and expression which promote ideas that then morph and evolve into more and more complex things. Jack’s analysis is fairly immature.

The article on Science Daily discusses how the origin of art and religious beliefs are linked though – and how we had to overcome wrongheaded ideas about evolution to realize it.

The article in question actually says nothing about evolution. The original paper (to which Jack does not link), however, mentions ideas about social evolution. It quotes the beliefs surrounding early man – from 1865; it also quotes socially-based racist beliefs surrounding man from the same time. In fact, the paper then goes on to note that many of the beliefs that early man had no religion came largely from political considerations, not any actual evidence. None of the ideas expressed were ever really part of evolutionary theory, and they certainly are not part of it today.

The reality is that humans are spiritual creatures – we are in fact the only organisms which exhibit spirituality. Divest us of this spiritual reality, and we lose all that that it produces, and which makes us unique as humans – art, music, philosophy, systems of morality and law.

Jack has no idea what makes human unique.

1) Evidence exists which shows that Neanderthals also had art. Were they also spiritual? Does that put them on an even playing field with humans?
2) There is no evidence that spirituality – a nebulous term Jack has not bothered to define – gives us art or anything else.
3) No evidence has been offered which actually shows causation. Major fail. Move along.

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