I’m not saying I’m a genius

…but I really can’t help but feel a bit like Will when it comes to explaining some things to people. And I don’t mean the sort of complicated things that are so basic to him. I mean legitimately basic things, especially as they pertain to philosophy.

3 Responses

  1. Everyone feels the same way sometimes, but it is an honorable thing to defend your point of view. There are no philosophical truths after all, so it really is just personal or communal viewpoints.

  2. There are some things that are just so utterly basic in my view that it’s nothing but frustrating when someone is genuinely too dumb to get it.

  3. […] rights based upon human actions, we no longer have any concept of human rights in the first place. This really shouldn’t be that hard. Whatever one wishes to say is the source of human rights, whether it be a god or providence or […]

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