Unfortunate trivia update

It looks like I’m getting bumped from trivia next week. The owner of The Liberal Cup spaced and one of his regular subs is going to be hosting. It’s probably for the better since the summer crowd is making its way in and things get a little hectic for that reason. But I have been promised a chance to host in September, so I’ll post about it when that time comes.

In honor of my bump, watch this:

Incidentally, I had a dream last night where I had some sort of class with Matt Damon.


  • The Tea Party is a response to a black president.
  • Most of the job loss in the Bush Recession occurred before Obama’s policies were even in place.
  • One major factor in the political polarization of the U.S. is the gerrymandering of districts – from both major parties.
  • Paul LePage knows nothing.
  • Matt Damon is excellent.

I’m not saying I’m a genius

…but I really can’t help but feel a bit like Will when it comes to explaining some things to people. And I don’t mean the sort of complicated things that are so basic to him. I mean legitimately basic things, especially as they pertain to philosophy.