• The Tea Party is a response to a black president.
  • Most of the job loss in the Bush Recession occurred before Obama’s policies were even in place.
  • One major factor in the political polarization of the U.S. is the gerrymandering of districts – from both major parties.
  • Paul LePage knows nothing.
  • Matt Damon is excellent.

6 Responses

  1. I doubt very much the tea parties have anything at all to do with us having a black president. I think us having one of our most liberal presidents is more likely the culprit. Its too easy to blame everything on race.

    Most of the job loss in the current recession happened with a democratic congress. The president isn’t a king, he isn’t responsible for all of it. As a coequal branch I’d give congress an equal share in the blame.

    Don’t imagine there will be any relief from gerrymandering. The supreme court ruled, and I’m paraphrasing, that elected officials may choose their own constituents.

    More and more states have non partisan organs that redraw the lines these days. That helps. They all need to have them though.

  2. I agree the rise of Tea Party is in response to our Black President. The Tea Party represents many social, econominc, and religous oreintated viewpoints under one ethnicity…whites!

    But they all rally under the phrase “Take back our country”.

    The logical answer can be just one…blacks!!!

  3. It might seem strange but not everything is connected to race. I realize it makes for a good catch phrase. If it was a black conservative instead of a black liberal do you think the tea parties would be against him/her? I don’t think so.

    There might well be a liberal version of the tea parties, but there again, politics not race.

    You care about race, the issues the tea party is going on about have nothing to do with it.

  4. The Tea Party formed before Obama’s policies were in place.

    Also, Hereafter wasn’t very good.

  5. I don’t see why that matters. I suspect my basement will leak at least a little when I find out its going to rain.

    The democrats won control of the house in 2006. Is it much of leap to expect a liberal president would pursue liberal policies with the house and senate under his parties control?

    and… I don’t watch movies until they come out on netflix for just that reason. If they are crap, that makes me feel like crap for spending a small fortune I have a projector in my basement to make up for it. Just pop some popcorn….

  6. Plus its been proven, by studies conducted in my living room, that movies are better if you can drink pumpkinhead whilst watching them.

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