Thought of the day

I don’t much get into debating Obama’s policies because the political environment is so polarized and thus not conducive to discussion with most people, but I do rather hate the FOX Noise-driven rhetoric I constantly hear. From “socialist” to “death panels”, there’s a lot of lying. There’s certainly plenty of the same from Democrats, but the Republicans are just better at it. They demonstrate as much in the way they’ve convinced people that the stimulus bill failed. In fact, without the stimulus unemployment would be another 2 points higher. But the Republicans aren’t going to mention that figure.

2 Responses

  1. Fox is nothing but a Fascist propaganda machine pumping out lies.

  2. There is no way to know what the unemployment figure would be at without the “stimulus”. The number of different economic opinions is limited only by the number of economists available to give them to you.

    I was under the impression that without the “stimulus” unemployment would climb to 10%! Thank God we passe- wait… it did climb there. oh noes!

    The fact is no one really understands economics, evidenced by humans consistently screwing their economies up.

    MSNBC is just as bad as Fox for having a political lean. Why is this an issue again? How many tax dollars do they spend? Doesn’t everyone have a fancy button to change the channel if they don’t like whats on?

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