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One of the causes of great tragedy today is the Catholic Church’s stand against condoms.

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  1. It borders on genocide since the church lies about condoms protection against HIV.

  2. I’ve never heard the church claim they do not protect against HIV. I hear them say sex is for procreation.

  3. I stand corrected bob. But not really, I had never heard such things and I’ve been a catholic my whole life.

    I don’t really think the catholic church believes in the holes in condoms thing, they are just campaigning against them.

    It is true however that even more widespread use of condoms wouldn’t stop the problem. The UN says that condoms failed to prevent the spread of disease 10% of the time. 10% is a bit high, and if this is really the case (I assume the UN isn’t lying THIS TIME) that really needs to be looked at and improved.

    The Pope isn’t morally obligated to endorse contraception, just as some countries in Europe are trying to discourage contraception use. Roughly for the same reason too, to create human life.

  4. Don’t get me wrong, condoms certainly help the issue. but if AIDS is still being transmitted to 1 in 10….

    The Pope is right about one thing, abstinence and monogamy would do a good job of solving the problem.

  5. This sums it up beautifully about the RCC:

  6. The church is simply against messing with nature. People in Africa are just as capable of making their own choices as any other people, but you blame the Catholic church for individual choices.

    Just like poor people are poor because of: republicans, business, religion, etc, etc.

    It was other peoples fault that oak(leigh) committed suicide too. When is it exactly that people are responsible for their own actions?

  7. Excuses, excuses. What a crock of shit. The RCC is a corrupt evil organization and defense of it is disgusting. The Pope should be tried for genocide and Many of his cohort bishops are co-conspirators.

    There is no excuse for the church’s stances. They rationalize raping children. Fuck the pope with a 100 foot pole

  8. Again what a contribution you make. You sound more and more like Keith Olbermann everyday.

  9. Thank you for the complement. You sound more like Rush Limbaugh combined with Deepak Chopra.

  10. But this is all diversion for you, since you can’t defend the disgusting lies the RCC tells about condoms, the disgusting protection and reassignment of pedophile priests by the RCC, the disgusting stance the RCC takes on stem cells and the disgusting condemnation of IVF by the RCC.

  11. Ahhh, if only I was nationally syndicated…

    You always bring up the sex abuse as if it is a terrible example of the church as a whole. It is, of course, an issue. I maintain that its more of an issue in public schools and since it is more prevalent than it should be more damning to the schools.

    There’s one interesting example. I found a whole list if it interests you further.

    My point is it isn’t extraordinary that there is abuse in the church and it isn’t extraordinary that administrators shunt them around or ignore it in some cases.

    It would worry me more if there was no abuse! The worst problems are the ones you don’t know about, but where is the outrage over abuse in our schools?

  12. No one is required to follow the churches teachings on anything! You still place blame on organizations instead of on the people who make the choices.

  13. More deflection, more obfuscation. You, the Pope and the RCC refuse to own up and face the problems. Quite disgusting actually. I guess this is to be expected by people who believe in woo and miracles and virgin births and resurrections and the sun stopping in the sky and myriad other nonsensical fantasies.

  14. No one is required to follow? I guess you don’t know your own church doctrine. Excommunication is in store for you. Don’t forget the threat of eternal damnation is also aimed at those who practice proscribed actions.

  15. You seem to have missed the point. If one wishes to subscribe to the catholic churches ways than they may, if they don’t they don’t have to.

    I know my churches doctrine quite well. As well as I know that those who are not members of the church could care less what the church has for penalties.

  16. I forgot about burning at the stake. The church used to do a lot of that. I guess that isn’t allowed anymore. It is frowned upon.

  17. and England used to boil people alive for counterfeiting. Scientists used do all manner of horrible things to mental patients. I fail to see your point, unless it’s people were generally more horrible in years past than they generally are today.

  18. The point is that the RCC is disgusting in its stances and the hierarchy should be charged with crimes, convicted and jailed for some obvious criminal behavior. You are the one who misses the point, probably on purpose since defending these reprehensible stances can not be accomplished.

    The Roman Catholic Church is a disgusting organization, its stances are counter to the life of people and it hinders civilization.

    I know you will try to keep deferring, deflecting and obfuscating but the problem still wont go away.

  19. Charged with what crimes exactly?

    Aggravated holding views counter to yours?

  20. I already explained what for. You sure can be dense, I guess the woo makes you wooly brained. Go back and read carefully or get a 10 year old to explain it to you.

  21. I’ll ask again.

    What crimes Bob?

    Not genocide surely. If you think so than you are unaware of the legal definition.

  22. For hiding priests from investigations and prosecutions. The pope is directly responsible. Obstruction of justice. Harboring fugitives. He is wanted by a judge in the US for that. It has been in the news recently.

  23. The judge wants the vatican to serve him with papers, he’s not wanted. Also the Vatican doesn’t have to, in case you hadn’t noticed it’s a country.

    As I said the fact that some bishops have hid crimes and just transferred priests is hardly notable. It’s the same thing that goes on in the school system and more often.

    Deplorable? Yes of course.

    Notable? Nope, not really.

    Typical? Yes.

    Criminal? Probably. But bishops are responsible for discipline with their diocese, the Pope not so much.

    Unless he’s hiding some priests in his basement (and even if he was, a foreign country can harbor all the criminals they want, countries do it everyday by refusing extradition) he is hardly culpable.

  24. More inane excuses of the pope and the disgusting church. I guess the pope and his corrupt cronies have to kill someone on live TV before you stop giving nonsense excuses. Too bad you are not skeptical of your woo beliefs like that – there you accept fantasy miracles like ressurection and crackers equal body and blood.

    You can spin all you want but the world sees the corrupt, criminal, discusting actions and fucked up dogma of the cesspool catholic church

  25. More hateful, baseless, childish condemnations bob. But at least you did get over your toddler stage and give up your boycott of reading my posts.

    When you comment it really just shows a general lack of understanding.

    Let me ask you this: If I went out and committed suicide after reading one of your venom filled posts. How would that be any different that the Rutgers jumper? You seem to hold the same intolerance for me and my practices that many people have for gays and their practices.

  26. Your comments get more stupid by the day, Nate. I guess you have no defense of the disgusting pope so you lash out a d try to divert. The. Hildish tactic doesn’t work.

    The catholic church is a cesspool of corruption, genocide and life sucking dogma.

  27. The scientific community is guilty of corruption more often and genocide more recently if you want to get really accurate.

    You seem to be under the impression that because there are humans at fault in the church that it is an evil institution. In truth you have no legitimate complaints.

    You keep saying I don’t have any defenses but I don’t need them. In fact you need to look into defending your beloved educational institutions that are more rampant with sexual abuse, mistreatment, and corruption.

    But no you gloss over it while accusing me of doing the same.

    I don’t think the educational establishment should be abolished due to rampant sexual abuse and cover ups by officials at every level, It should be fixed.

    Like I said, it is something that happens in every organization and can’t be wholly prevented no matter what anyone does.

    You seem also to be ignorant of international law and relations which, for better or worse, govern the worlds interactions with the Vatican.

  28. Once again diversion when Nate has no answer. The church sets themselves up as a holy, good organization. Callin others out for it (especially with the lies Nate just slung) does not excuse the
    From it’s

  29. As you have said before, with no evidence of total corruption besides snarky comments, which are so convincing.

    You refuse to comment on the more widespread corruption in the system our children are remanded to by law?

  30. Plenty of evidence of he church and it’s pope and bishops covering up. Enough evidence to put many away for a long time. You can lie about it but it is there, all over the news.

    I will only keep on talking about the corrupt, criminal catholic church, which is the topic. Your diversion are inept and ineffective.

  31. We both lost the plot long ago, this post is about condoms.

    You want to continue with your form of bigotry than be my guest, but don’t expect participation without full participation on your part.

    You can’t ignore a huge problem while trying to accuse me of ignoring a problem. Well you can, but its hypocritical.

    You don’t care about child abuse, you care about defamation.

    I care about addressing the whole issue of child abuse in public institutions not your cherry picked version of the world.

  32. Nearly every sentence of your comment is a lie or a slander. This is expected bad behavior of you Nate. You can’t stand truth or facts.

    Lying for Jesus is so Nate. How do you justify your lies and slander? You are so pathetic.

    Your first lie is that the topic is condoms. It is about the corrupt criminal Catholic Church.

  33. You certainly know your slander, you are extremely well practiced in spouting not but personal attacks.

    I can only guess you hope to one day get me all excited and upset so I return the favor in kind. Keep trying if you wish to look intemperate and foolish, that is your choice not your personality I hope.

    The post is about the presumption that the catholic churches stance on the use of condoms is a great tragedy. I search in vain to find the words “corrupt” or “criminal” in the post. Although since you have cast doubt on my reading ability I will try and find a 10 year old to assist me in finding those words.

  34. More inanity from the liar, slanderer Nate. As expected.

    Criminal, corrupt, dogmatic, supports rape of children then hides it – that is the Roman Catholic Church. Nate is a proud member of this church which lies about condoms and therefore is responsible for genocide.

    RCC: support of rape, causing genocide, against IVF, against stem cell research. Could it be more disgusting? How could any thinking person be a member of this filthly organization?

  35. It’s no wonder atheists are not more numerous. You get more flies with honey but I know you’ll continue trying to lure them in with vitriol.

  36. Yet another inane, useless comment from Nate.

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