Thought of the day

I love movies. As such I’d like to hear about a few really good ones people have seen recently. Go.

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2 Responses

  1. Does Pillars of the Earth qualify as a movie? If so, then I’d put it in your list of things to see. 500 Days of Summer didn’t suck as bad as most teen romance stories. Other video of note: Mad Men


  2. I’m withholding posts until such a time as moderation is ceased, however I’ll make an exception for this post, I would recommend the book before the mini series, the mini series is simply alright while the book is fantastic, I highly recommend it to those who read this post.

    Also “world without end” the sequel to “the pillars of the earth” is excellent. Neither are entirely accurate to real life but a fantastic story do each of them present.

    For movies I recommend, Kingdom of Heaven and Asylum.

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