Comedian writes to the editor

A comedian by the name Roger Leblond has written a letter to the editor of my local paper.

Our nation has become sickly immoral and extremely perverted and Satan has taken a stronghold in our country.

If we were to put God’s moral laws before man’s law we would see where we have gone wrong.

That’s weird. I’m not convinced that we ought to stone rape victims because God interprets silence to be enjoyment. I don’t know. Maybe the early Christian writers (or later editors or later scribes or later politicians or later…who knows, really?) tended to not hear a lot of noise when they had sex.

Under our constitutional right of Freedom of Speech, which I agree with, God’s moral law of adultery is allowed to live. If the moral law of God took precedence over man’s law, pornography, topless bars and the like would not be allowed under Freedom of Speech.

Anything sexual is bad.

We have perverted the word of God so bad that we have taken Christ out of Christmas. We should now proclaim Dec. 25 as Happy Materialism Day. To prove that to be true, look at your major and local newspapers, and see pictures and pictures of people waiting selfishly at stores the day after Thanksgiving. Greed and selfishness are sins of God.

Wait, we’re winning? The materialists are winning? The U.S. is no longer dominated by Christian culture? It’s possible to not be aware of the constant barrage of Christian religion in our society? Oh, and getting gifts for other people is selfish? My whole world view has been turned on its head!

Does anyone know when this guy will be playing any clubs?

2 Responses

  1. Well, you did say he is a comedian, so this could only be a sarcastic piece, just like Stephen Colbert does. No one could say those things and actually be serious.

  2. Au contrire Bob…Fundies keep on knocking on heavan’s gate by throwing out all kinds of hallucinations…man’s law is sinful…God’s law is divine.

    We have much more fun with man’s law which casues which sets them off even with crazier petitions to the almighty.

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