This is a reminder to all Augusta area natives: Go down to The Liberal Cup in Hallowell tomorrow for trivia. It starts around 8, but get there a little early, order some food, some beer – I recommend the For Richer or For Poorter.

Be there.

Update: Here is one question that got the chop. No cheating.

There is a famous boundary in the Earth that marks the abrupt end of the dinosaurs. That boundary is called the K-T boundary. What does K-T stand for?

8 Responses

  1. cretaceous-tertiary

  2. Chazmo or whatever it is. Nom nom nom.

    When does (s)cream ale come on tap?

  3. I recently read “When Life Nearly Died: The Greatest Mass Extinction of All Time” By Michael J. Benton which is about the end-Permian extinction but it had a lot of info about the K-T one too.

  4. I don’t think that was the greatest mass extinction event though…..

    Wasn’t one of the earlier ones closer to “eliminating” life on earth?

  5. Yes, the end Permian, 250 mya, nearly ended all life, not the K-T, 65 mya.

  6. I guess it really depends on the definition of ‘greatest’.

    (off subject a bit) When are they going to clone a woolly mammoth? Every time they find a frozen one I hear the all the schemes, but they never do anything. Have they not found enough of the requisite genetic material? Funding? Bad idea?

    It always kind of peters out after the initial excitement.

  7. Perhaps lack of a consenting elephant…

  8. […] some of you know, I hosted a trivia event a few months ago at a local pub. I’m going to be doing it again on June 14th, but I’m […]

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