Maloney to Myers: Cease and desist

I only have a moment since I am co-hosting trivia at The Liberal Cup in Hallowell tonight, so this post will be brief. It looks like Christopher Maloney has sent PZ Myers a cease and desist notice.

What I find really interesting about this is that the board that oversees Maloney actually said this about him:

The Board cautions you to take care to clearly identify yourself as a “naturopathic doctor” at all times as required pursuant to 32 M.R.S.A. 12521 of the enabling statute which governs your licensure. The unqualified reference to yourself as a “doctor” at points in your website might cause confusion on the part of prospective patients as to the nature of services which you are authorized to perform even though other references therein specify naturopathic services.

Emphasis mine.

Again, I have to unfortunately cut this post short. To date I have not received any letter like the one above.

Update: It struck me today in a discussion about language I was having that the way I am portraying the word “unqualified” could be misinterpreted. The use here is as in qualifier. At times on his website – many times, and still, in fact – Maloney has not used a qualifier like “naturopathic” in front of the word doctor.

One Response

  1. You haven’t received your Maloni letter?

    Neither have I, and I had the nerve to do many things that have upset ND Maloney, including co-writing a song inspired by him


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