Thought of the day

If anyone was serious about cutting the budget, we would be slashing the funding we give our 20th century-style military.

5 Responses

  1. I’d say that’s a god idea as long as adequate funding goes to a 21st century military. They still spend a lot of time training in Vietnam style warfare. Cutting that out would be a significant and worth while cost savings.

    Anyone serious about cutting the budget need to be willing to take on unions and the overwhelming mass of ill conceived social experiments of the 20th century gone ary.

  2. No one is actually interested in cutting the budget, only in blustering that they want to do so. They would have to take back the massive trillions in corporate welfare that is choking the country. The agricultural industry, the pharmaceutical industry, the oil industry, etc.

  3. I assume you mean raise the hell out their taxes?


    Speaking of a 21st century military….

    A while ago I remember hearing that the technology being developed for this particular weapon will leave us with some pretty dramatic advances in many fields.

    I’ll try to find the story, but in lieu of that, one of the ways it may prove beneficial is in the launching of small payloads into space at an extremely low cost.

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