This can’t be real

7 Responses

  1. An old fart churchman (one who is guilty of several crimes) looking at young men? It happens way too often.

  2. As opposed to a, presumably younger, atheist who seldom says anything original but nods his head a lot?

  3. On another note, stuff like that always amazes me. I’ve just never been very flexible.

  4. The old fart is better than a younger Republican who believes in woo with no justification whatsoever and thinks he knows anything but just spews personal ad homonyms because he has no valid arguments ever.

  5. Well you live in your little dream world and I’ll live in mine. :D Whatever makes you happy Bob. You just sound so bitter about everything.

  6. You have to realize, Nate, that when you do your usual disgusting thing of spewing an ad hominem at me, you will get back one at least three times as potent.

    You are truly an asshole for spewing them at me and I am far, far better at using your own words to send it back to you.

    Look around and you will see that you are always the one to start. Everyone sees it.

    You can now go fuck yourself here, Nate, because I am unsubscribing since you have stained this thread like so many others.

  7. Right right… Two wrongs make a right and that you take the ‘high’ road by unsubscribing.

    I’m really not sure about three times as potent, even if the were true, I never say anything really potent, so you really don’t have much to… brag (?) about.

    Merry Christmas Bob.

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