Remember when LePage was against special interests?

Yeah, that was Friday. But come Saturday he must have had a change of heart.

The activists rallied Saturday at Augusta’s St. Michael School and later marched to the State House to trumpet the anti-abortion cause. Gov. Paul LePage, an abortion opponent, joined them for part of the rally, which was organized by the Maine Right to Life Committee.

St Michael’s School is where the last Maine governor, Baldacci, sent his children. As it happens, back when it was known as St. Mary’s School, I also received a big hunk of my education there. I never saw Baldacci. But then, he wasn’t the sort of governor to say he believed one thing one day and another thing another day. At least not this blatantly.

And LePage’s handlers in all this? Not very good so far.

Asked Saturday whether the Maine Right to Life Committee represented a special interest, [Dan] Demeritt said special interests inevitably would end up on LePage’s schedule.

“This isn’t about politics,” he said of Saturday’s rally. “This is about supporting a group that’s worked very hard to make sure that life is a choice that everybody can make.”

What about supporting groups that have worked very hard to make sure a chance at equality is possible for people who are actually alive? Or maybe giving black people as a group the time of day in Maine isn’t something political advantageous enough for LePage.

3 Responses

  1. He’s a politician, and a right wing one, I assume, since I don’t follow Maine politics.

    He did the opposite of what he said. That is the right wing manifesto. It is not a surprise, even the Great Karnak (Johnny Carson) could have predicted that.

  2. Well I doubt as though his ‘handlers’ were in on him telling the NAACP to kiss his butt.

    I hope he does cut out all the special interests. I have no more confidence that he will than I would have in a democrat. Politicians are politicians, no any eviler on the right side and Bob seems to believe.

  3. His handlers are the ones, mostly Demeritt, who have to go and apologize for all the dumb things he keeps doing. I don’t expect anyone to be able to foresee the specific mistakes LePage is going to make.

    I don’t care that he has “special interests” or that he caters to them. We’ve made that a dirty term, but it doesn’t inherently mean anything bad; it’s pure rhetoric. I’m more concerned with the blatant lying by LePage. He doesn’t like what the NAACP does? Fine. Say so. But don’t call it a special interest, say special interests won’t get his attention, and the very next day attend a rally by a special interest.

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