How much is Facebook worth?

A lot.

Facebook Inc.’s valuation topped Inc., leaving the social-networking company behind only Google Inc. among U.S. Internet companies.

Facebook is valued at $82.9 billion on secondary exchange SharesPost Inc. and has jumped by more than 40 percent since mid-December. Amazon shares dropped 7.2 percent yesterday after a disappointing sales forecast, pushing its stock market value down to $77.2 billion.

With all that worth, you would think they would have completed their current maintenance about 6 hours ago.


2 Responses

  1. Exactly my thoughts. It’s worthless right now. Kind of interesting that, really, the only value the company has is its advertising value. Hard to make use of that if I can’t log on.

    I’m terrified to find out what kind of butchering has been done to it, if any.

  2. They target people for who waits the longest for maintenance. People from Maine wait the longest, along with people from Burkina Faso.

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