Thought of the day

Libertarian position: 1,200 people had so much LIB3RTY!!11!! yesterday.

Reality: 1,200 people die every day because of smoking.

2 Responses

  1. Just think what it would be like if your hope and dreams could be put into action and keep people 100% safe all the time!

    No one would ever die!

    Think of the average 10 people a year that die trying to summit Kilimanjaro. That 10 people alive if we just put an end to that sillyness.

    We could get an average of one or two more lives saved by closing Katahdin.

    And what about cell phones? Texting while driving killed 16000 people over the last 6 years, who knows how many from talking on the phone as well. Surely outlawing cell phone would have saved all those lives.

    Who cares about the freedom to do what you want, better to have your behavior regulated to ensure maximum life span. Right Michael? Regardless of what you want to do, people need to be told what to do to protect their poor dumb selves.

  2. Saying that smoking is bad, that it offers no worthwhile benefits to society, that it kills people, that the dead don’t have LIB3RTY, is not the same as saying we should regulate everything and there should be no danger ever anywhere. I don’t much like polemics.

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