Thought of the day

It genuinely bothers me when people try and take the individual out of a situation. Of course, circumstances matter. Ideas matter. Context matters. We don’t live in a vacuum. But when people try and use blanket assertions, culling statistics or even stereotypes, and apply them to individuals, it gets under my skin. People have individual personalities, individual tendencies, individual backgrounds, individual perspectives. In short, we are all individuals. I know. Crazy.

Billy Ray and Miley Cyrus attacked by atheists

It’s all coming true. All those stories Christians keep telling us, they’ve been true. You know the ones. Atheists have led awful regimes, atheism is magically normative, atheism leads to evil and death and destruction and attacks on goodness itself! It’s all true, and Billy Ray Cyrus, that man most famous for being the father of Miley Cyrus, has proof.

“Somewhere along this journey,” he says, “both mine and Miley’s faith has been shaken. That saddens me the most.” When they first came to Hollywood for Hannah Montana, the two of them would drive down the freeway together to the studio each morning, and every day Miley would point out the sign that said


Just before moving out to Los Angeles, the whole family had been baptized together by their pastor at the People’s Church in Franklin, Tennessee. “It was Tish’s idea,” he remembers. “She said, ‘We’re going to be under attack, and we have to be strong in our faith and we’re all going to be baptized…'” And there, driving to work each day in the City of Angels, was this sign. “A physical sign. It could have easily said ‘You will now be attacked by Satan.’ ‘Entering this industry, you are now on the highway to darkness…'”

Do you really see it in such clearly spiritual terms—that your family was under attack by Satan?

“I think we are right now. No doubt. There’s no doubt about it.”

And why is that happening?

“It’s the way it is. There has always been a battle between good and evil. Always will be. You think, ‘This is a chance to make family entertainment, bring families together…’ and look what it’s turned into.”

So rational, so clear-headed. We’re lucky Billy has brought this to everyone’s attention. How dare an atheist group exist, much less promote clean highways? It isn’t merely evil: it’s pure evil. Just look at the sign.

Pure evil.

I can already feel my Hitler mustache growing.

Next thing you know atheists will be donating to charity and helping old ladies cross the street. WHEN WILL THE MAYHEM END?

Why does Bachmann love to say stupid things?

This woman says the dumbest shit.

Speaking to conservative talk radio host Laura Ingraham Tuesday, the Minnesota Republican said [Michelle] Obama’s efforts to promote breast-feeding and the IRS’s announcement that nursing supplies that aide in the practice can be deducted from tax returns amounts to a “new definition [of] the nanny state.”

“This is very consistent with where the hard left is coming from,” Bachmann told Ingraham. “For them, government is the answer to every problem.”

I’m not convinced Bachmann even knows what “nanny state” means. All Michelle Obama did was promote a healthy practice – one with which the nitwit congresswoman agrees. All the government is doing is giving incentives for people to make an economically (and physically) healthy choice. It’s no different from when it gives incentives for people to become new homeowners or to invest in a hybrid vehicles.

But maybe I’m being too critical. After all, perhaps I’m ignorant and Bachmann’s politics run deeper; perhaps she is just in step with the greater politics of our founding fathers. Like John Quincy Adams. But she’s the history buff. I’ll wait until she clarifies why she comes across as such a moron.