How libertarians vote

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  1. Good one…Libertarians believe economic issues prevail over socal ones on the theory that less government means more personal freedom.

    It’s a dangerous but appealing theory. I hope not to be around if it prevails.

  2. You think that more government = more personal freedom?

  3. No. Why do you believe the size of government has anything to do with freedom???? I believe we need an efficient and effective government.

  4. Why do you believe it doesn’t?

    Force is a necessary part of almost every government action. From getting its funding to carrying out any duties, some kind of force is always involved, it is that nature of the beast.

    I too think we need efficient and effective government, I just don’t think the government has a place in what most of us would call charity, it ceases to be charity when coercion is used to provide it.

    There are also other, vast areas where the government at large has no business than some more where the federal government has usurped the states, And further more where the states are making decisions better left to towns or cities.

    So again, I agree with you. Efficient and effective, not huge, blundering, self serving and oppressive.

  5. Since an absence of government results in anarchy, and anarchy means zero freedom whatsoever, then I’d say YES–more government is a good thing.

    The only way to HAVE any freedom is to have a government to secure and defend it.

  6. You assume that government will always be a benevolent monster. It certainly could be, but its not a foregone conclusion. How much faith and power do you wish to put in a corruptible institution?

    Libertarians don’t want NO government. They want limited, efficient government. Limited in ways that don’t allow it to interfere and oppress too much, manage that risk against the benefits that governments can bring.

    Its important to remember that not all oppression is intentional.

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