3 Responses

  1. Yes, the marriage of two groups with lack of integrity. Perfect characterization. Let’s see what Negative Noisy troll Nate comes up with.

  2. Everything this cartoon gives as an example as things the GOP supports that libertarians oppose is accurate. 100% I would go further and say the GOP supports immigration restrictions and the drug war.

    Where it’s unfair is that it implies libertarians are HAPPY voting for the GOP. We’re not, but that’s the nature of voting – we would have to make major compromises to liberty if we voted Democrat too. I’ve voted for a ton of liberals (Ralph Nader, John Kerry) as well as members of the GOP.

    A vote is not an endorsement of all views. It is an unwelcome compromise of choosing one package over another.

  3. I always chuckle with libertarians talk about being “principled.” Oh, please; you HAVE no principles! You’re simply Republicans who skip church.

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