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I just spent the weekend on North Hero island on Lake Champlain and it was great. I’ve been to a lot of states and I have to say, Vermont is definitely one of the best. The people are always nice, the landscape is hard to match (especially in autumn), and Burlington is just about my ideal city. Plus, best of all, I like to imagine how much someone from Alabama, Mississippi, or some equally terrible state would hate all the recycling, hybrid cars, and general awareness of the world around us that one finds when in Vermont.

2 Responses

  1. What an excellent series of stereotypes and condescension.

    And Vermont sucks. It’s all but impossible to navigate through their god forsaken road system. Th last time I was over there, for mountain warfare school, my GPS committed suicide by jumping into my hand and forcing me to chuck it into the back seat.

    On the other hand, Vermont has no license requirement to carry concealed firearms.

  2. I’ve been through the south. One of the things I noted was that there is a severe lack of recycling. Areas where one normally expects to see a trash can and a bottle bin only has the trash can.

    One of the best practical things about Vermont is how great its roads are. Going from Augusta, I went from garbage roads in Maine to okay roads in NH to a road system that seemed to have been paved last week in VT. As for the GPS, mine frequently has me driving in the middle of the woods when I get anywhere between Bethel and Jackman in Maine, but I didn’t have any issues in VT.

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