Romney fact check

It’s sad that this is probably the best the Republicans can actually do:

ROMNEY: “Instead of encouraging entrepreneurs and employers, [Obama] raises their taxes, piles on record-breaking mounds of regulation and bureaucracy and gives more power to union bosses.”

THE FACTS: Romney ignores ambitious tax-cutting pushed by Obama. The stimulus plan early in his presidency cut taxes broadly for the middle class and business. He more recently won a one-year tax cut for 2011 that reduced most workers’ Social Security payroll taxes by nearly a third. He also campaigned in support of extending the Bush-era tax cuts for all except the wealthy, whose taxes he wanted to raise. In office, he accepted a deal from Republicans extending the tax cuts for all. As for tax increases, Obama won congressional approval to raise them on tobacco and tanning salons. The penalty for those who don’t buy health insurance, once coverage is mandatory, is a form of taxation. Several large tax increases in the health care law have not yet taken effect.

Romney, of all people, ought to recognize that the only form of tax anyone has seen from President Obama is in the form of health insurance penalties in the years to come. And that’s even going to save money across the board. The fact is, taxes under President Obama are lower than they ever were under that average president Ronald Reagan. I know this upsets Republicans, but the facts are the facts.

ROMNEY: “The expectation was that we’d have to raise taxes but I refused. I ordered a review of all state spending, made tough choices and balanced the budget without raising taxes.”

THE FACTS: Romney largely held the line on tax increases when he was Massachusetts governor but that’s only part of the revenue story. The state raised business taxes by $140 million in one year with measures branded “loophole closings,” the vast majority recommended by Romney. Moreover, the Republican governor and Democratic lawmakers raised hundreds of millions of dollars from higher fees and fines, taxation by another name. Romney himself proposed creating 33 new fees and increasing 57 others — enough to raise $59 million. Anti-tax groups were split on his performance. The Club for Growth called the fee increases and business taxes troubling. Citizens for Limited Taxation praised him for being steadfast in supporting an income tax rollback.

I know Romney will never get the Republican nomination if he sticks by his record, but he would be more likely to get my vote.

3 Responses

  1. It’s sad that Obama was the best the democrats could do. Not that I’m any big fan of Romney. Not even a little.

  2. There is no surprise that Romney lies about nearly everything. He has always been two-faced and takes every side of most issues if he thinks he will get votes. He thinks he is gifted, and his magic underpants protects him and he is sure the voters are too dumb to figure out his duplicitousness. But then again, his tactics are not too far different than most of the prominent Republicans.

  3. You have to understand the context in which Romney is speaking. When he talks about “raising taxes,” he doesn’t mean on the working class–heck, he’s not even AWARE of the working class, let alone how their taxes may have gone up or down. Who cares?

    No, Romney is upset that there was talk of letting Bush’s tax cuts for the RICH–i.e., Romney himself–expire. THAT’s the only thing that matters in Wingnut World.

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