Brian Sabean is an ignorant dick

Marlins outfielder Scott Cousins has been receiving death threats from Giants fans ever since this:

That is Giants catcher Buster Posey you see getting rolled over and then writhing in pain. The collision caused a broken leg and strained ankle ligaments. Posey will be out for the rest of the season, dealing a significant blow to the Giants.

Notice what Cousins does after the play. He immediately goes to Posey, putting his arm around him in clear dismay over the result. Cousins made a clean and legal baseball play (much like Pete Rose in that one All-Star game – except this game matters), but he obviously didn’t want to cause harm to another player. Unfortunately, Giants General Manager Brian Sabean is too much of an ignorant dick to recognize all that:

He told KNBR:

“If I never hear from Cousins again, or he doesn’t play another day in the big leagues, I think we’ll all be happy.”

“He chose to be a hero, in my mind. If that’s his flash of fame, that’s as good as it’s going to get, pal.”

And, “We’ll have a long memory.”

The play was clean. Cousins was immediately regretful. He has been hugely regretful in the days since. There is zero reason for there to be bad blood between anyone on the Giants and anyone on the Marlins over this. What’s more, the man has been receiving death threats. Sabean was moronic to make the comments he did. Cousins’ teammates recognize that:

Marlins outfielder Logan Morrison came to Cousins’ defense during an interview Friday on Sirius/XM radio, calling Sabean “wildly unprofessional” for calling out his teammate.

“When has he played in the big leagues? When has he played in the minor leagues?” Morrison said. “Correct me if I’m wrong, but he’s never been in a situation like that. It’s terrible.

“Why would you wish anything like that on anybody?” Morrison continued. “He’s getting death threats from people. This is his hometown, San Francisco. He’s worried about his family and his friends that are there. And now (Sabean) is going to make comments like that? It’s ignorant, it’s inappropriate and he has no idea what the hell he’s talking about.”

Sabean has attempted to contact Cousins, but has done nothing to issue a public apology. He needs to do that if he ever wants any player anywhere in the league to ever respect him again.

5 Responses

  1. The basepath belongs to the runner. Those are the rules. The catcher needs to tag the runner, not block his path. Sabean should be fined – his last line is a threat.

  2. When something like that happens in professional competitive sports, the name of the game is payback for an injury to a teammate. All eyes will be on Cousins the next time he faces the Giants in Florida.

  3. “payback” should not enter into it in this situation since Cousins made a legal play. This is equivalent to a batter batting a ball and it hits the pitcher in the elbow. And breaks it. This is another legal play and injury was never the aim.

  4. I agree but Sabean’s outcry seems to sanction payback…for this reason he should be reprimanded for his comments and apologize to ward off any prospect of payback.

  5. I agree. This is baseball, not pro wrestling. Show some class.

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