FOX Noise: Totally not racist

I mean, how could anyone ever think FOX Noise was at all racist?

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  1. He is a hoodlum. I think it’s funny.

  2. That’s because you’re willfully blind to racism.

  3. Oh, please. If this is the worst racism you have to report today, than we are pretty much at the end of the road for persecuting it.

  4. My belief is we are all racist if we are born into and raised in our own community. Even if it is a somewhat diverse community, we are racist in almost a sub conscious way.. Even if we are well traveled and educated we have the flotsam and jetsam of racist tendencies floating around in our subconscious.

    I don’t think Nate is willfully blind to racism, I think is is conveniently buried under layers of protective insulation so deeply that it will never raise itself to the level of self recognition.

    We pride ourselves as living in a diverse nation. We have black heroes and athletes, black entertainers, neighbors, co-workers, and friends….why we even have a Black president…how can we be racist?

    It is because we live in a racists society,,,ingrained in us since our founding fathers decided black people represent only 3/5ths of a person, a society that sanctioned slavery and ripped intact families apart and individual members sold as so much livestock….a society who refused to give former slaves the dignity of civil rights as full human beings until my lifetime…and then only with bombings and bloodshed. We live in a society in which black people are
    disenfranchised economically..I don’t need to recite the litany of statistics to prove my case…. or incaceration rates among blacks which says something is terribly wrong in our society.

    I was in a room with black people, co-workers… all of whom I respected when O.J. Simpson’s not guilty verdict was read and the room erupted in cheers, I was shocked. I couldn’t have believed the intelligence in that room thought of him as innocent. As told to me later, they didn’t…it was finally a black person received the type of justice that ’till then was afforded only to rich white men.

    We are progressing and much of that progress has been achieved in my lifetime…but we are not there yet by any stretch of the imagination. Nate is a clear example of why we are not there.


  5. I’m a clear example am I?

    What is it called when you see racism in every corner? Paranoia?

    It may very well be racism, but in the grand scheme of things, if this is the worst to report today, than that’s a good thing. Do you really count every instance of race related humor or reference as racism?

    I would say that you are the example of why we are not there. If you think this is racism than you need to have a look at St. Paddys day, all those references to drinking and the Irish, dear me… How much further we still have to go.

    On the other hand… maybe this is a non-issue, as with the potatoes. Maybe making it an issue is more damaging than the illusion of harm you have conjured up over “hoods in the house”.

    Referencing some part of the stereotypical black culture is no worse or better than with the Irish, Italians or Poles. All of those have been allowed to pass into social irrelevance, so too should things like this.

  6. At least OJ is in jail now.

  7. I’ve never found “it could be worse” to be a convincing line of argument.

  8. I’m not making that argument. I’m echoing Thomas Sowell in asking, “at what cost?”

  9. I’m curious Nate, what do you perceive is the “cost” of allegations of Racism ?

    I perhaps know you agree with Rand Paul when he ( or his son?) claims that a private business man should be able to deny someone a service because of their race. You seem to live in a “live and let live” world despite the misery it causes. Make no attempt to change and impinge on someone else’s freedom? It is what it is? When two distinguished appearing black men appear on the tube with the caption “Hoods in the house”…simply ignore it like the private business man…ignore the nuances and implications that categorize a race of people and assails the very character and integrity of our President?

    Or is FOX trying to compete with the Comedy Channel and we should all take it as a joke?

  10. Yet another problem with uncaring, dehumanizing, troll libertarians – if it isn’t blatant and over the top criminal acts, then it is OK and becomes a strategy or tactic of the tea party or Republican party.

  11. Thomas Sowell asked the question, “You want to stomp out the last vestiges of discrimination? Really? At what cost?”

    Going along with that question, what so called misery is produced from this incident? Is it worth the cost of boycotting Fox? Every action has a cost, this one would be foregoing a source of news and opinion shows that I enjoy. It’s not worth the cost to me, and probably not worth it to most people.

    Ron Paul is the older one, Rand Paul is the younger (senator).

    I do agree with Rand Paul, and I do so because I’m looking at the costs of barring discrimination. If I heard that Barnes and Noble had refused to sell a book to a guy because he was black, I think there would be quite the uproar and B&N would be lucky to find themselves in business after long. There are other places to buy books after all. They can deal with the costs of their actions.

    Skip ahead to our current situation. Discrimination is barred. So what happens? People get passed over for promotion, the facts are cloudy, its hard to discover who is in the wrong or who is more in the wrong. Public loses interest and we are done.

    Alternately, afraid of being accused of discrimination a company chooses to promote people based on race rather than merits.

    Not to mention you are restricting an owners right to not serve a person and replacing it with a customers right to be served. Customers are still free to be discriminatory in their shopping practices. People still refuse to shop in “black” stores, or alternately in other areas, “white” stores.

    The only thing we have accomplished today is to push the discrimination to the back, where no one can see it clearly. I want it right up front where it exists, so I can make my choices as a consumer on where to do my business.

    What freedoms are you willing to give to ensure there is no racism anywhere? How much should be spent on regulatory agencies to oversee everything, including consumer choices, to eliminate the last remnants of racism?

  12. Once again, the childish mentality of libertarianism shows through. If not blatant let it go. Who cares if only thousands get wronged. So pathetic. So un-American.

  13. WOW NATE! I don’t know where to begin! So I’ll start with your beginning:

    1. The “last vestiges of discrimination” will end when the human race ends. I want only to lessen it’s impact.

    2. FOX is a source for opinions and news which is not biased by facts.

    3. There maybe other sources to buy books other than Barnes and Noble. There is no legal alternative to seek justice other than government. You trivialize our only source of protection when you compare it with a bookstore.

    4. Life is complex no matter how we seek Rayndian efforts to simplify it. Get used to it.

    5. My intelligence knows discrimination when I see it. When I can’t, chalk it up to stupidity.

    6. Freedom has a cost. It’s called responsibility.

  14. Well you’ve made your case I’ve made mine. If you think we are going to come across anything new or interesting, than lets keep going, but I don’t.

  15. ..”.then” lets keep going…not” than”. Final word.

  16. Haha, agreed.

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