And those on the right wonder why they get called racist

Ladd Ehlinger is some random schmuck who likes to create racist ads:

The basis for this horseshit is that the candidate in question, Janice Hahn, has hired reformed gang members to participate in gang prevention programs. So not only is this all blatantly racist, but it isn’t even remotely honest in any other way. And to compound the issue, Ehlinger is sticking by his guns:

The ad’s funny. It makes me laugh. So if, for some reason, it’s pulled by youTube, a thousand will be launched in its place all over Algorez’ Internetz. Because you’re only drawing more attention to your past of supporting criminals, Janice, and forcing policemen out of their jobs for doing their duty. So there you go. Claim victimhood all you like, but how many people were victimized by your coddling? There’s a reason Mayor Villaraigosa took the program away from you. He’s a Democrat. So are you. Think about it.

Ehlinger is by no means representative of the right by virtue of his moronic ad, but his reaction is typical. Again and again we have instances of blatant racism from conservatives, but when they get called out on it, they refuse to see it. Questioning President Obama’s citizenship? Half the signs at Teabagger rallies? FOX Noise playing over and over again two black guys who wanted to intimidate voters? It’s all obviously racist, but few on the right are ready to admit it. Ehlinger falls in line here.


4 Responses

  1. Right wing exaggerations grown into blatent lies, yep, usual Republican tactics.

  2. And why not? The GOP has had enormous success with simply denying reality. They’ve even been overtaken by the Tea Party movement, which extends the principle farther than the Republican leadership ever dared to go!

    I’ve noted before that the Republicans have the Stupid Vote all sewn up. And sadly, that’s a very sizable constituency in the United States. Facts and issues really DON’T matter to “the base.”

  3. “Facts and issues really DON’T matter to “the base.”

    Yes, they are “me, me, me & fuck everyone else” types but too ignorant to realize they are usually part of everyone else.

  4. I agree with you both. It’s really sad that people find it easier to just follow along dumbly with whatever the mainstream media (esp. conservative back-rubbers like Faux News) tells them to be true instead of actually researching things outside of the propaganda incubators people call the “news” anymore.

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