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I love that Boston* has been the City of Champions for the best 11 years. 2001, 2003, 2004?** Patriots. 2004, 2007? Red Sox. 2008? Celtics. 2011? Bruins.

What makes this all even greater is that many of these series have been spectacular. All of the Patriots victories either came in the final moments of the game (’01, ’03) or it wasn’t sealed until the very end (’04). The Red Sox made their way through an epic comeback against the Yankees in order to get to the World Series and capture their first title in 86 years. The Celtics, insofar as basketball matters, beat the Lakers to get their league-leading championship. And now the Bruins have ended their own lengthy drought (39 years), winning three game 7’s in the process, one of which was against the rival Canadiens (the second greatest rivalry in sports), not to mention the redeeming second-round sweep of the Flyers.

And as if it can’t get better, the Patriots always have a shot, the Bruins are well-positioned to make another run next season, and the Red Sox are the best team in the American League right now. Not only has the best decade+ belonged to Boston, but it looks like the trend might continue into the next several years.

*Yes, I know the Patriots are not located in Boston.
**While the Patriots actually won in ’02, ’04, ’05, the NFL counts those victories as occurring in the ’01, ’03, and ’04 seasons.

4 Responses

  1. I think you’re looking for patterns that don’t exist. You’ve got an odd number of years – 11, and four sports to pick from. As you already said, the Patriots aren’t Boston-specific, and Boston is the biggest New England city, so you’re saying in 11 years, a few championships fell into New England.

  2. A few? Do you watch sports? That’s 7 championships in 11 years. I can’t think of another city that can make that claim across the four major sports. New York has two periods where the Yankees and Rangers either win in the same year (’28) or where they have a jumble of championships (’39-’41), but there wasn’t even a Superbowl at that point, so that can hardly count. My next best guess would be LA, but I can’t recall them having a football team since the Raiders located there relatively briefly.

    As you already said, the Patriots aren’t Boston-specific

    They certainly qualify as Boston-area sports, especially since Gillette Stadium is only about 45-60 minutes from Fenway.

  3. Seven championships divided by four sports = 1.75 championship per sports.

    11 years divided by that amount equals, one championship each 6.29 years. During the same time, the LA Lakers won five champions – that’s once every 2.2 years but that city doesn’t have a hockey or football team to compare to. Even when you factor in the dodgers, it’s by comparison a championship ever 4.4 years.

  4. (I meant my question about whether or not you watch sports to be genuine, despite the rhetorical condescension it had.)

    Yes, and if we look at ’59-’69, the Celtics have 10 championships in 11 years. But I’m talking about championships across the major sports. Even if we’re fair to LA and ignore their lack of a football team (they do have the LA Kings), they still don’t compare. Boston has easily had the best run of championships for any city in any comparable period.

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