Equality in New York

Equality has passed in New York:

New York lawmakers narrowly voted to legalize same-sex marriage Friday, handing activists a breakthrough victory in the state where the gay rights movement was born.

New York will become the sixth state where gay couples can wed and the biggest by far.

“We are leaders and we join other proud states that recognize our families and the battle will now go on in other states,” said Sen. Thomas Duane, a Democrat…

The New York bill cleared the Republican-controlled state Senate on a 33-29 vote. The Democrat-led Assembly, which passed a different version last week, is expected to pass the new version with stronger religious exemptions and Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who campaigned on the issue last year, has promised to sign it. Same-sex couples can begin marrying begin 30 days after that.


4 Responses

  1. Now they can shut up.

    Just wishful thinking.

  2. Next thing you know they’ll want the Full Faith and Credit Clause enforced.

  3. From Greg Laden:

    I’m fine with the exemption. Years from now, it’ll be proof that while the majority of the public — and the majority of NY senators — was in support of marriage equality, certain religious groups wanted to hold back progress. They wanted their bigotry enshrined in the law.

    Besides that, though, I believe in church/state separation. Churches have every right to be bigots. The government does not. As long as gay couples have the ability to get married, and as long as they get the same rights as straight couples, the fact that churches want nothing to do with them isn’t that concerning to me. We’ve long known that evangelical Christian churches (among others) treat gay people with incredible contempt. This is no different.

  4. This will drive the push for a constiutuional ammendment claiming marriage is between 1 man and 1 woman. It’s not over yet but a great victory nonetheless.

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