Thought of the day

Every once in awhile I’ll see someone at the gym in entirely inappropriate workout attire. Usually it’s jeans, but today was a polo shirt. However, that wasn’t what really caught my attention. What was interesting was that he had popped his collar. Mind you, not to be hip or retro or whatever bullshit reason people are giving so they can indulge in bad fashion. He was doing it for the sake of staying a little cooler. (A non-cotton t-shirt would have been a little more efficient, don’t you think?) But this got me thinking:

Let it be known here: Any man who wears a popped collar in any scenario not sufficiently similar* to the above described situation** is just your standard asshole. If his shirt is also pink, that makes him an ironic standard asshole.

*Sufficient similarity is to be determined based upon my whims.
**The guy really was wearing awful gym attire, though.

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