PZ moves

It looks like PZ has moved his blog to freethoughtblogs.com, which probably spells a (more certain) slow death for scienceblogs.com. It’s a shame if only because the latter site clearly has a better name than the former. But at any rate, Pharyngula is still quite active and available.

It looks like PZ is still making most of his posts are both websites due to technical issues with the ability for the new host to handle traffic, but his new site is available right now. Check it out here.

Update: Two points of note. First, there are more creationist ads than usual on the side. I hope they have to pay per page view. Second, Comrade Major Meltdown has a blog there. This is unfortunate because 1) he writes so poorly, 2) he’s little more than a troll who doesn’t care about making any arguments, 3) he inevitably freaks out when someone refuses to stoop to his level, 4) he’s a Yankees fan, and 5) he really is a Yankees fan. And probably a bandwagon Yankees fan at that (as if there is any other kind).

14 Responses

  1. A Yankees fan? That is worse than a racist, misogynist, xenophobic, tea baggin’ Bachmann-ist. Take it from someone born in NY who escaped.

  2. My God…. A Yankees fan…

    Congrats on escaping that…. place…

  3. I’m sure he’s said he’s a “Yankees Fanne”

    By the way, after skimming his blog,
    here’s a little food skepticism for you. Don’t cook with olive oil. Olive oil is expensive and meant to be added after any heating is finished. It has a low “smoke point” and it loses most of the olive flavor when heated.

  4. Amen brother, that risotto is a horror show…

  5. Maybe you rediculous sadde fuckebagges wouldn’t have so much trouble getting laid if you knew how to fucken cook like a real man.

  6. Awww, I apologize comrade.

    Perhaps you wouldn’t have a shitty reputation if you didn’t do things like delete comments that are in no way offensive or inappropriate, but that disagree with you. Is that what free thought is?

    I’m sure you’re a nice guy, but Michael is certainly right, you are a child on a digital playground. Stamp your feet. Go ahead.

  7. I take part of that back, I didn’t realize I was bouncing between two different blogs.

    The playground reference is still valid. So are my comments on your risotto.

  8. Imagine being a girl trying to exchange flirty texts with THAT!

    “yo Babbebee, all the hunnees needde a real manne like mee 2 show whatte a manne can do!”

  9. Dude, you don’t get laid exchanging “flirty texts”. No wonder you spend all your time sublimating your masterbatory urges into high-school-debate-team-antics.

  10. Hey comrad, why are you so fixated on masturbation?

  11. It’s a fair question.

  12. Maybe once you figure out how to spell words like “masturbatory” correctly, Comrade Major Meltdown, you can start checking the names and websites of the people to whom you’re responding. You might get the correct Michael next time.

  13. Is there a parallel term for “Internet tough guy” along the lines of “Internet Don Juan” for someone who claims to be a ladies man?

    For the record, I do cook like a real man. My cheeseburger-themed cupcakes were well received by the ladies. That’s right, WELL RECEIVED.

  14. It looks like he ran away.

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