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If you find it too difficult to put like-weights back with like-weights after finishing your workout, fuck you. Go to another gym.

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  1. Hear, Hear!

    One of the most annoying things at the gym is when one wants to add 5 more lbs to each side but the 5 lb weights are behind eight 45 lb slabs.

    Besides not putting weights back in their proper places, some people don’t put them back at all, and others actually try to hide some behind equipment.

  2. Pretty funny. Guy who goes to the gym (pays to go!?!) to get sweaty voluntarily lifting weights complains about having to move some EXTRA weights around.


  3. For the record, I would never pay money to work out. There’s plenty of ‘work’ that needs to be done, either volunteer or for profit that could substitute for such yuppie fascinations. I’m guessing some folks were raised so far away from anything resembling actual physical labor that they wouldn’t know it if it hit them in the ass.


  4. Oh, the ignorance…

    There can be 40+ pieces of apparatus plus free weights plus cardio that are used to exercise different muscles. Moving weights around do few of those and waste time for those who are trying to stay fit/trim/healthy.

    How many occupations in the US would be equivalent?

    The guy who delivers water cooler bottles to my house and carries four 40 lb sloshing bottles at a time goes to a gym.

    I know several UPS and Fedex delivery guys who go to gyms.

    I know guys who work in a lumber mill who go to a gym.

  5. My complaint is that I shouldn’t have to mess up the flow of my exercises in order to clean up after someone who is so aloof he can’t put the 35 pound weights back with the 35 pound weights.

    And yes, I pay to go to the gym. I actually have my own weights just downstairs from me, and I can do everything here that I do at the gym, but I prefer to go to a place because it’s more of a motivation and the distraction are fewer. Besides that, it has a pool, sauna, and racquetball court.

    But you’re right. You’re way manly than anyone here because we yuppies have no idea what real labor is like. Sort of like Sarah Palin’s “Real America”, we’re just outsiders.

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