International Blasphemy Day

Today is International Blasphemy Day, a day meant to counter the anti-blasphemy laws present in some countries. I personally like that it counters the idea that religion inherently deserves respect, but to each his own.

Anyway, Jesus is a silly fictional character. God is an awful fictional character. And it’s awfully silly that people think Jesus was God.

Thought of the day

The average schlub does not appreciate rhetoric. Keeping that in mind, let’s go to the comment section over at Pharyngula where the user Pteryxx recently said this:

We’re not dealing with honest participants in a discussion here. We have unconscious bias. We have institutionalized sexism. We have stereotype threat. We have widespread apologetics and denial. We have constant, systemic silencing attempts using every tactic from harassment to shaming to tone-trolling to death threats. And we have evidence that a large subset of sexism-apologetics have as their goal the continued oppression of women.

And they pretend their oppression is actually rational discussion, SO THEY DON’T GET CALLED ON IT. They need the guise of social acceptance for freedom to operate. Rhetoric WILL NOT WORK here – in fact, it’s ceding the point at the outset.

This would be risible were it not so pathetically stupid. This person has used nothing but rhetoric in a post in which he advocates against its use. He obviously has zero understanding of what rhetoric even is or why it matters so much in everyday life.

I think I expect too much out of the average schlub.