Who has Jesus?

Why, St. Xavier, of course:

One of the top Catholic football programs in the nation is finding itself in hot water after members of its student fan section directed chants of “We’ve got Jesus!” at opponents in a heated, intra-city rivalry game on Friday night in Ohio.

According to the Cincinnati Enquirer, then-No. 8 Cincinnati (Ohio) Colerain football coach Tom Bolden reacted with fury when he heard members of the then-No. 26 Cincinnati (Ohio) St. Xavier student section chanting “We’ve got Jesus!” in the moments after St. X escaped with a narrow, 17-14 victory in a matchup of two teams ranked among the top 30 in the RivalsHigh 100 standings of the country’s best teams.

But isn’t this what they believe? Sure, Colerain probably has some Catholic players and students, but as a collective body, it is a core part of St. Xavier’s beliefs that Colerain does not, in fact, have Jesus. Why aren’t we respecting these religious beliefs?!?! Can’t anyone think of the horror that will follow if people raise objections?

Besides, Colerain had a decent enough chant of their own:

After an original Friday postgame Enquirer blog post cited the “We’ve got Jesus!” chant, multiple St. Xavier students reportedly wrote in to the newspaper citing the Colerain student body starting off the chant wars with a rendition of “We’ve got girls!”, an attack at St. Xavier’s all-male, Jesuit student body.

Personally I would rather have girls than Jesus. (And perhaps Jesus would rather have boys than girls?)

Why was this ever canceled?

It’s hilarious.