Oakland vs New York City

Oakland PD’s Strategy: Force confrontations with protestors, fire tear gas, cause chaos.

New York City PD’s Strategy: Surprise the protestors but allow them several hours to move their stuff.

Oakland PD’s Result: Confrontations, streets filled with tear gas, chaos.

New York City’s Result: Peaceful dispersal, quiet arrests, a soon to be clean park.

11 Responses

  1. Oakland protests: regularly violent and confrontational. Thought nothing of causing millions in economic damages by shutting a port down as well as ransacking a looting a bunch of businesses.

    New York: much less so in all ways.

    I’m not saying that either response was the right one or the best one, but the situations are not and were not the same.

  2. What a surprise, reason and planning worked and cowboy confrontation did not. Who woulda thought?

  3. They both worked. Who’s to say that asking nicely would have worked in Oakland, I have a feeling it would not have, just given their past behavior and the multiple requests the city had made for them to clean up the park/vacate temporarily for it to be cleaned.

    All ignored. But what can you expect from a mob. Quite different from New York, once again.

  4. The port shutdown was a response to the forced confrontation by the police.

  5. That’s not what the original press releases on the occupy website stated.

  6. How can you say the Oakland police forced confrontation. The entire strategy has been to trespass illegally and dare the police to enforce the law.

    If the police refuse to, they cry victory (like they did over a month ago in NYC) If the police enforce the law, they resist and claim the police are using excessive force and pretend the police are arresting them for their views, not for protesting.

    The difference is New York’s finest caught them at night.

  7. In NYC a number of people held their ground and were arrested. I haven’t heard much about excessive force over the past 24+ hours.

  8. You should pay more attention. The police put a parking ticket on one of their cars and they claim excessive force was used.

  9. You just hate that there is an uprising which is opposed to the government favoritism of the rich. I don’t even believe that you care at all about the specific actions of these people.

    The facts are the facts. The Oakland police handled the situation like shit, similar in fashion to how the NYPD initially handled things (anyone remember the copious and arbitrary use of pepper spray on people sitting behind a fence?), and they made the situation worse. The NYPD, at least for the moment, took a completely different approach and everything was fine.

  10. The NYPD used pepper spray and batons on plenty of people during their raid too, have you seen any of the videos?

    I think you’ll also find that other Michael and I are also against government favoritism of the rich, it’s just that neither of us think they should be penalized for their success.

  11. In which city was there chaos, Nate?

    I really don’t understand your argument. On the one hand, you’re saying the police actions were comparable. On the other hand, the protestors are all awful people who hate Starbucks. Yet we have two entirely different results that you can’t explain.

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