Now that’s just crazy

Also on NBS.

6 Responses

  1. Hey, I don’t want to be the only skeptic here, sounds a lot like:

    “Set it and…. Forget it!!!!111111ronpaul!111!”

    It probably works, but for how long and for how much? If you told me it caused cancer I wouldn’t be surprised either.

  2. I’ve only see what you’ve seen. I’m sure it wears off after some time. And who knows if it makes clothes all starchy and stiff. It’s neat, though.

  3. But it causes a really COOL cancer!

  4. Some people just can’t help being negative. It must be sad to live life that way.

  5. I know, how do you manage it?

  6. I want to dip that shoe in chocolate and see what happens.

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